Memorial Museum

The Memorial Museum, otherwise referred to as Thikra, meaning “Memorial” in Arabic, documents the evolution of Kuwaiti society as it was forged by the seminal battles fought and the sacrifices made by Kuwait’s inhabitants. Throughout its history Kuwait has been shaped by the conflicts it endured. With each battle, our ancestors came together and grew strong to defend their homeland. It provides a narrative for the emergence of a Kuwaiti identity, prior to statehood, through the collective action of local tribes who rallied to defend and preserve their geographic resources and cultural values. Demonstrating the power of Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad’s words “All for Kuwait”, many have given their lives for Kuwait and what it stands for.

Visitors to Thikra are taken on a journey of remembrance, tracing the country’s history from inception to today.

The Memorial Museum aims to bridge our past with our present and ultimately our future - through its programs, collaborations, exhibits, and initiatives. Such as the Kuwait Oral History Project, where visitors are invited to share their experiences of Kuwait by recording their own stories during their visit, preserving the country’s historical and cultural values for future generations.